Video Labelling Services

Video tagging is a multi-beneficial or multi-folded task which can be considered as both image tagging and video tagging together, when tagging is done frame-by-frame that can be split into image tagging as well, with too many video blogging platforms and being a gold rush potential, artificial intelligence is the only way out for streamlining the huge content flow, with this prevailing situation, video needs to be classified, tagged, segmented and labeled, this helps the video to automatically flow through the required digital pipeline and reach the target audience with zero manual intervention.

We at i-Cons have capabilities to label videos frame by frame to make sure all areas are covered so that it doesn’t miss the robotic algorithms and make sure it reaches the category tree to its optimized level. i-Cons Artificial Intelligence do extensive research and follow due intelligence beforehand on any labeling task.

We at i-Cons can help with some of the following types of video labelling services…
  • Classifying the Media
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Bounding Box
  • Tagging Keywords
  • Visual Comparisons

Our video labelling outsourcing services team, scalability is also our benchmark, since annotating and labelling is a laborious task, we can be counted for all your video tagging process, which can be done accurately, efficiently, and quickly.