Video Annotation Services

Our seasoned video annotation professionals are equipped with different annotation tools that can provide outputs in XML, JSON, CSV, or TXT format, our inhouse annotation tools can be customized based on the requirement, our object detection in videos will be done Frame-by-Frame, classifying and labelling will be done after thorough research and due diligence, i-Cons Artificial Intelligence make use of a bounding box, polygon or Sigmatic annotation based requirements, also do semantic annotation and put meta-keywords as well.

For automated vehicles to detect objects it’s very important to train the models, as we go further with the latest technologies, the limitations we have with computer vision are the most difficult thing to handle. To achieve perfect object detection, it’s very important to feed the algorithm with as many different scenarios as possible, video annotation is one of the very best methods in achieving.

Some methods of Video Annotation Services i-ConsAI can handle…
  • Data set for object detection for self-driving cars
  • To track human activities
  • To track sports people while playing
  • Human pose estimation

i-ConsAI provides all the above-mentioned video annotation services in a cost-effective and timely manner, we have a large human capital to achieve the desired results quickly on time!