Semantic Annotation Services

Tagging the concept of the image or video is said to be semantic annotation services, these types of data annotation services are used for the machine to perform operations like classifying, linking, inferencing, searching and filtering, tagging the image or the video with machine-processable information so that the content becomes manageable data source for the algorithm to understand.

Semantically tagged images are used as a knowledge graph for the algorithms to understand the document and data in detail, these tags would enrich the document, split that into identifiers, and in turn becomes a part of machine learning and deep learning programs.

The major task for any annotation process is to make the available content into a manageable source of data, convert the data into machine-processable information also to take data from within and outside sources as well. There are different type of semantic annotation outsourcing services helps to the machine learning process very interesting and valuable…

  • Identification Text
  • Analyzing the Text
  • Extracting the Concept
  • Extracting the Relationship
  • Storing and Indexing

Some areas where Semantic annotations can be widely used…

  • Risk Analysis
  • Compliance Check
  • Content Identifying
  • Content Recommendation

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