Natural Language Processing

Read, Decipher, understand, and make some decisions based on the understanding, pretty much the same as any dataset reading algorithms, the only difference here is the dataset would be human language. Natural language processing services is a branch of artificial intelligence that can deal with interactions between humans and computers.

When a human tries to talk, the machine captures the audio and converts that to text, and the algorithm process the text and takes a decision and then again the result is converted to audio and the machine responds to the human by reading out the audio.

Uses of NLP
  • Google Translator
  • Grammer Corrections Apps
  • IVR Apps
  • Personal Assistant Devices

The challenge with natural language processing is the huge diversity and also each individual speak their language in their way, i-cons artificial intelligence can’t have set rules, it’s all about making the best use of what is coming in and getting the results as accurately as possible!

Both syntax and semantics play a major role in Natural Language Processing, which means arranging the words in a grammatical format from all the text that comes in from the semantic tagging.