Landmark Annotation Services

Keypoint recognition Services would be the major goal for landmark or Keypoint annotations, labeling the key points of a specific object will help counting applications to find the actual density of the object within that area, these types of data annotation services also help to identify the moving trajectory and detect human figures and poses.

Our landmark and keypoint annotation outsourcing services experts to support your machine training needs to detect human figures to identify different poses of humans from 2D and videos. The most promising aspect of landmark annotation services is for sports analysis and sentiment analysis to predict human emotions.

i-Cons keypoint / landmark annotation outosurcing professionals handle large volume of projects in transforming raw data into landmarks over the objects with precision.

Our data annotation outsourcing experts help these types of landmark and keypoint Annotation services…

  • Landmarking Facial Gestures
  • Landmarking Human Poses
  • Landmarking for Sports Analysis
  • Landmarking for Agriculture AI