Image Labelling Services

Artificial intelligence is one process that requires seamless data for its algorithm-driven decision-making process, labelling the object is imperative for the dataset to be meaningful, for this to happen we need a proper ontology (Data Structure), Image labelling services plays a major role in organizing this ontology which includes classifying the object, customizing the labells and creating relationship within the dataset.

Our image labelling outsourcing services professionals to annotate and label all your most valued dataset for your model algorithms to swallow and digest, i-Cons have inhouse tool which can automate the image labelling process to a certain level, we would also do a manual quality audit to make sure we are up to the expected standard.

Scalability is one aspect which all clients look for any image annotation and labelling service providers, we can assure you that we can quickly scale up to the desired number of outputs within short notice.

Type of image labelling services that i-Cons Artifical intelligence can handle…
  • For Objects in Images and Video
  • For Texts in any electronic format documents
  • For Voice Recognition