Image Annotation Services

This is nothing but tagging and transcribing the information through images via metatags and image descriptions, Our image annotation outsourcing professionals identify the objects separately, mark objects with boundaries, and segmenting or classifying them for machine learning purposes and the algorithm to properly understand the image and objects in any decision-making process. Right data with the right detection and right classification is very imperative for any machine learning or deep learning process.

Our experienced data annotation outsourcing services team can also help to annotate videos using a continuous stream of frame-by-frame annotation, this way our image annotation services professionals can annotate videos as well, we have a diverse team that can understand any given images and objects, because when we annotate complex images and concepts it’s very important for the team to have through knowledge to have the classification done properly. We need to be mindful that data will be used for some important decision-making process, it can be very damaging if the knowledge base is done wrong.

i-Cons data annotation outsourcing services experts doing both 2-D and 3-D image and video annotations, images from any given imaging technology can be processed as we have better tools, techniques, and expertise on the subject matter. We are equipped with our in-house annotation tool; we are also open to working with any annotation tools as per client suggestions depending upon the combinations and capabilities.

Different types of image annotation services that we can help with…

  • Classification
  • Object Detection
  • Semantic Segmentation
  • Instance Segmentation

i-ConsAI use different combinations of software tools and processes to annotate images and videos as per requirement, our workforce has annotated nearly around 5 million images so far.