Deep Learning

Deep learning in artificial intelligence is a broader approach towards machine learning, the idea is to mimic the human brain as closely as possible, the entire systems work based on artificial neural networks, this is a process where AI learns without human intervention and using datasets from all type of data annotations and data that are both structured and unstructured.

Key takeaways of deep learning are processing data for object detection, Speech Recognition, Translations, and making decisions, dataset can be of any type, structured, unstructured, labelled, unlabelled, and so on.

How it works:

Big data, is the magical word after we see the internet revolution taking place all over the world, just picking up the dataset from the digital footprints by not storing them in a place rather just taking it from the original location and use that for analysis and decision making. This is where cloud computing plays a major part, just because of the humongous nature of the data available it would not be possible for humans to process them and arrive at any decisions, that where AI and Deep Learning in AI come in handy and that is already proving to be a game-changer.

To sum it up, AI (Artificial intelligence) is a process of an algorithm or a program that can sense, do some reasoning, act according to the reason and adapt to a decision based on that.

Machine learning is about algorithms exposed to more data over time and getting the program trained.

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning from which neural networks learn from the vast amount of data available from digital footprints.